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16 | Port of Hamburg Magazine | December 2022
HHLA Next invests in
digital innovation
HHLA Next is looking for future solutions for customers and users for secure climate-neutral transportation of goods worldwide.
HHLA Next was founded as an innovation and ven-
team that is continually checking market trends and new technologies and looking worldwide for inter- ture-building entity with a focus on digitalization
esting companies. We have a database where we and sustainability in maritime logistics. The aim
clearly stated by Business Manager Simone Lode is:
sort these companies into various segments, strate- gic innovation fields, opportunity spaces, and con- “To develop successful products and business
crete application scenarios. For example, along the models from ideas. Either in the form of in-house
developments or through investing in innovative
supply chain to driverless vehicles or autonomous handling. We are continually monitoring the compa- companies.”
nies in our database, watching for the right moment
Technological development and innovative busi-
to make contact and kick-start investment.”
© HHLA / Nele Martensen
ness models will be monitored using specific crite- ria to enable early evaluation. At the same time HHLA Next will create an environment in which specific, market-ready ideas can be developed sus- tainably. “We are looking, on the one hand for com- panies that fit to HHLA and where we can invest, on the other hand, we are ourselves founding compa- nies. Explains Simone Lode, adding: „We have a
The decision on what form our involvement in the companies could take is taken case by case. Basi- cally HHLA Next has decided to accompany com- panies in a growth phase with the flexibility and high-reactivity necessary. As an umbrella company we have the necessary framework, structure and processes ready.

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