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facilitate receipt of data on strain on the road, and
lated data and transport handling, are contributing in the port to an improvement in infrastructure utilization hence optimization of maintenance management. They
and resource usage. These are thanks to improve- also serve to improve the traffic
control system. Even
ments in operational planability during building work, tempera-
and scope for reaction. trans- ture sensors provide data on as-
“With smartBRIDGE,
PORT rail is a traffic manage- phalt temperature. Recording
ment system for rail transport in vibrations and pressure, accele-
more than 520 sensors
the Port of Hamburg, offering an ration sensors measure the actu-
effective interface for freight and al strain on the road caused by
are installed for the
data transport. Users obtain ac- axle loads, speed, acceleration
purposes of predictive
cess to the system via the inter- and braking forces. Data from
face or via the internet -Web-Cli- the sensors facilitates conclusi-
ent. The users consist as a rule of ons about the state of the sur-
loading points and rail operating face and load-bearing capacity.
Inclusion in a traffic model for optimizing traffic flow is
companies. By issuing an appropriate power of attor- also a possibility for the future. .
ney, the latter can entrust input of their data to rail ope- rators or other service providers.
The Port of Hamburg Railway is an extremely vi- tal carrier for the Port of Hamburg’s hinterland infrastructure. Many processes also require au- tomation on it. Could you briefly describe some of these?
Along with extensive investments in the Port Railway’s physical infrastructure, others in such IT systems as transPORT rail, a central exchange platform for rail-re-
A further major area for digital application is in- frastructure maintenance. Digital twins permit virtual display of structures like the Köhlbrand Bridge. What do you anticipate from such appli- cations?
One very prominent example is smartBRIDGE, a pi- lot project that aims to optimize maintenance of the
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HPA chief Jens Meier uses an in-company vi- deo format to present digital solutions in the Port of Hamburg

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