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Digitalization is possible
at many points in the port. Start-ups are the source of many highly
promising ideas
ture building expertise successful ventures should
be created. In addition the offer of accompanying
„We have looked at over 2000 companies, 700 of the have made it into our database. But the perfect services e.g. finance and controlling, strategic sup-
fit is not so easy to find. First of all it must naturally port, marketing and communication for the compa-
fit into the HHLA strategy. This means contribute to digitalization and sustainability. We have a strong focus on innovation at HHLA. Accordingly it must Even if funds, present promising investment alter-
natives especially to start-ups, the focus is not only
by definition be a new kind of business,” explained on the young companies, says Simone Loder: “We
Simone Loder.
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concentrate not only on start-ups, but with innova- tion, and mature companies that have been in busi- ness longer.” Selection is made in line with estab- lished criteria and in various stages.
How much market experience do they already have? How many customers are already on board? Has it reached appropriate turnover and achieved good results? And how many financing rounds has this company behind it already? These questions form the basis for Simone Loder and her team’s selection criteria. At the same time it is always the question of an attractive promise of growth in the strategic long-term partnership for both sides.
As far as strategy goes, a top priority for investment decision-making above all is one point, the inevita- ble HHLA basic company strategy: earnings. HHLA Next’s task is to develop new strategic business segments for HHLA – and bind to it long-term reali- zation of profit-making. A company is only of inter-
 “We looked at over 2000 companies and 700 of them
made it into our database”
Simone Lode, Managing Director HHLA Next
 18 | Port of Hamburg Magazine | December 2022
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