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                Köhlbrand Bridge in the Port of Hamburg. The soft- ware creates a digital twin, a real-time display of the actual bridge based on all the available data on its condition. The idea is to improve maintenance of it by all the players entrusted with this. With smart- BRIDGE, more than 520 sensors are installed for the purposes of predictive maintenance. The Digital Port Twin project means a continuation of HPA’s augmented and virtual reality projects. The digital twin is to support planning of future infrastructure projects, by providing better, more secure and ef- ficient displays of complex processes. Some ex- amples of applying it include virtual displays of HPA control consoles and the incorporation of sensor data. All the consoles visualized in 3D, and the digi- talized process sequences can be displayed in the Digital Port Twin and used for optimization moves.
With homePort, you have made a generous space available for innovative companies. Are there any synergies here that will boost further digitalization of the port?
homePORT is an innovation campus situated at the heart of the Port of Hamburg. It aims to give ambi- tious players in the port, academics and official bo-
dies, the opportunity of developing and realistically testing product innovations, and achieving signifi- cant results for the maritime/port industry. homePORT offers test areas for driverless activities, a start/landing place for drones plus adjacent water areas for water drones. Players in the port enjoy the opportunity here of conducting trials and experi- ments, of collaborating with additional partners. They aim to advance innovations for the maritime and logistics sectors – on water, land and in the air. Our objective is to contribute towards boosting ef- ficient use of port space and further reducing harm- ful environmental influences. .
The HPA is making bold progress with digitalizati- on. Don’t other ports tend to profit from your ex- perience?
We are in continuous exchange with ports in the con- text of IAPH and chainPORT. It’s essential, for one thing, to look outwards and to learn from each other; and otherwise it is quite obvious that we need to coor- dinate, since along the supply chain, go-it-alone solu- tions make no sense. That’s not a matter of sharing around all data, but just the stuff that makes the supply chain more effective. ■ Ralf Johanning
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