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12 | Port of Hamburg Magazine | December 2022
“We are open to ideas”
Jens Meier, Chairman of Hamburg Port Authority’s Executive Board, uses this interview with Port of Hamburg Magazine to stress the significance of continuous digitalization for the Port of Hamburg.
Digitalization of processes is a daily routine in the Port of Hamburg. Since when has Hamburg Port Authority addressed the subject? Which were the first projects to be started?
HPA started at a very early stage to consider the be- nefits of digitalization. To optimize traffic flow in the restricted area of the port, for example, we installed Bluetooth, video detectors and induction strips on the roads there. We presented the results to an inter- national audience in 2015 at the IAPH World Port Conference. This included one of the first IoT pro- jects, smartROAD, which aimed to demonstrate ap-
plications of an ‘intelligent road’ on selected sections of road in the Port of Hamburg. Apart from opportu- nities for identifying and managing traffic, along with lighting control for pedestrian and cyclists, the pro- ject demonstrated how modern sensor systems coll- ected and display data on the state of infrastructure and environmental impacts. In cooperation with partner companies, all relevant IT and communica- tion technology systems, sensors, video cameras and network communications components were ins- talled on selected sections of road in the Port of Hamburg in order to further the idea of a smartPORT.

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