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 est when it serves a market segment that will have
a high growth rate in the future. At the same time,
Geographically HHLA is open: Hamburg is establish- in line with further criteria, the company should not
only profit from capital but also from market access
ing itself more and more as an attractive location for start-ups – many of them with a maritime focus. Digi- through HHLA: above all industrial expertise and
tal Hub Logistics Hamburg is a close partner of HHLA customer access is meant here.
“Along with the founders themselves, the company team is most important. Investment is made foremost in the team, the founders, the key staff. Then comes the business idea and all further criteria. This means, everyone one is passionate about what they are do- ing, shows high professionalism, know what they are talking about, and ultimately satisfy the customers. This is, of course shown by market penetration and customer acquisition,” explained Simone Lode.
This is why a table of criteria is not enough. Part of HHLA Next philosophy and of every selection pro- cess is to get to know the founders and the team in personal discussions.
Only when hard facts and soft skills have been checked, is it time for an investment decision. “When we have ticked off all the boxes, then we can move onto the in-depth evaluation, the due dili- gence. We screen all important sectors of the com- pany very precisely: commercial, financial, and technical and then legal and fiscal sides, too. We check every part of the company thoroughly. When there are no reasons not to invest, we hopefully come to a positive investment decision.”
Next and provides the opportunity for start-ups to be- come more well-known and to build up a network. This is important as the strategy behind HHLA Next is to support the international market alongside the local one. “To improve contact to start-ups, to further our deal flow. Not only on the international stage but also of course here in Hamburg. We come from here and we are at home here,” stressed Simone Lode.
Over and above supporting existing businesses, the HHLA subsidiary has achieved a whole portfolio of successful companies established in the market of- fering innovative solutions for air, sea and rail. A very new project still on the starting blocks is heyport. “In the near future heyport will be in the market as an in- dependent entity providing a platform for coordinat- ing everything to do with a port call. That means hey- port will support coordination and communication for ship calls in ports worldwide, making it attractive for terminal operators, as well as shipping compa- nies,” explained Simone Lode. ■
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HHLA Next enables some of the group’s own ideas to be implemented
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