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The development team is satisfied with what has been achieved so far: “We are well on the way and the project has almost been completed.” In spring 2023 the idea is to develop a similar system for in- land waterway vessels, using the new rail module as the basis. The first steps towards that have already been taken. What remains true at Hansaport is that ‘There’s no such thing as a completed system. Ours here are continually being further developed.”
A further example of this is the tie-up between Hansaport systems and DB – German Rail’s train localization system. Yet the aim is to make the facil- ity even more efficient so as to further optimize handling processes. “This project fits into the digi-
talization and development activities of Salzgitter, our parent company,” adds Schwarz. “On all devel- opments, our principal shareholder’s fresh vision and strategy strongly motivates us to continue working alongside our customers and partners on further development of our systems and services going forward.”
Work is therefore already being done today on the target definition for the next system adjustments. Schwarz comments: “In future our customers should be able to have our berth utilization data flow auto- matically into their systems through an interface, al- so to electronically nominate a seagoing vessel, for example. Therefore, we are approaching our upper- most goal of achieving transparency across the en- tire supply chain.” ■ Claudia Behrend (cb)
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The Hansaport bulk terminal is becoming increasingly digitalized
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