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 More networking to aid urban logistics innovations
Courier, express, parcel delivery and logistics service providers in Hamburg test novel solutions to ensure reliable delivery.
 Parcel and consignment volumes for courier, express and parcel services, as well as logistics service provi- ders, are constantly rising. That’s also apparent on the streets of Hamburg, affecting traffic volume and not least, emission levels. To cut these two down, Ham- burg is setting not only climate targets but others for urban courier, etc., services and inner-city logistics. The idea is to achieve these with alternative transport schemes, innovation and cooperation.
Initiated by Logistics Initiative Hamburg in cooperation with the then Department of Economics & Transport, ever since 2016 Hamburg has been a model region for Smart Last-Mile projects – SMILE and has since inter- woven innovations in logistics and urban layout.
The “Urban Logistics Hamburg – Strategy for the last mile” paper cleared by the city parliament in October 2021 provides a clear idea of what the City of Hamburg
aims to achieve by 2030. The main goal is a 40 percent reduction of CO2 emissions on 2017. To achieve this, the last-mile strategy involves strengthening cooperati- on between logistics companies and the city, and buil- ding up a network of all those operating on the last mi- le. Deliveries are to be made mainly by local, emission-free and alternative delivery vehicles like car- go bikes. City micro-hubs are to play a more significant part here, and act as the bases for delivery to the final customer. People collecting consignments themselves are to be given more opportunities for doing so at pick- up points, or parcel outlets. Also aimed at reducing traffic, the related network is to be expanded. Hamburg‘s strategy for last-mile logistics also clearly relates to its climate-protection aims, to reduce C02 emissions by 55 percent by 2030 and to make Ham- burg climate-neutral by 2050.
For implementation of the strategy, since the end of
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