• Find out which ships are expected in the port in the next two days. The arrival and departure times are provided by HVCC, supplemented daily from the respective sailing lists of the terminals. The information on times and berths is not binding and may change due to weather, tides and procedures.

    • Hamburg Vessel Coordination Center

      Hamburg Vessel Coordination Center

  • Refinements



    • YM Warmth

      YM Warmth

    • YM Welcome

      YM Welcome

    • Al Jasrah

      Al Jasrah

    • YM Wind

      YM Wind

    • Umm Qarn

      Umm Qarn

    • YM Wreath

      YM Wreath

    • YM Window

      YM Window

    • Gjertrud Maersk

      Gjertrud Maersk

    • Gunde Maersk

      Gunde Maersk

    • YM Width

      YM Width

    • Georg Maersk

      Georg Maersk

    • Gudrun Maersk

      Gudrun Maersk

    • Grete Maersk

      Grete Maersk

    • Gunvor Maersk

      Gunvor Maersk

    • Gerd Maersk

      Gerd Maersk

    • Gerner Maersk

      Gerner Maersk

    • Gunhilde Maersk

      Gunhilde Maersk

    • Guthorm Maersk

      Guthorm Maersk

    • Gerda Maersk

      Gerda Maersk

    • Gustav Maersk

      Gustav Maersk

    • Basle Express

      Basle Express

    • Cosco Shipping Azalea

      Cosco Shipping Azalea

    • Hyundai Together

      Hyundai Together

    • Hyundai Smart

      Hyundai Smart