• Find out which ships are expected in the port in the next two days. The arrival and departure times are provided by HVCC, supplemented daily from the respective sailing lists of the terminals. The information on times and berths is not binding and may change due to weather, tides and procedures.

    • Hamburg Vessel Coordination Center

      Hamburg Vessel Coordination Center

  • Refinements



    • Hyundai Speed

      Hyundai Speed

    • Hyundai Ambition

      Hyundai Ambition

    • Maersk Emden

      Maersk Emden

    • Maersk Evora

      Maersk Evora

    • Maersk Edmonton

      Maersk Edmonton

    • Maersk Eindhoven

      Maersk Eindhoven

    • MSC Benedetta

      MSC Benedetta

    • MSC Renee

      MSC Renee

    • Maersk Elba

      Maersk Elba

    • YM Wisdom

      YM Wisdom

    • MSC Regulus

      MSC Regulus

    • MSC Altair

      MSC Altair

    • YM Wonderland

      YM Wonderland

    • Madrid Express

      Madrid Express

    • MSC Irene

      MSC Irene

    • CSCL Star

      CSCL Star

    • MSC Daniela

      MSC Daniela

    • MSC Kalina

      MSC Kalina

    • CSCL Mars

      CSCL Mars

    • CSCL Saturn

      CSCL Saturn

    • MSC Beatrice

      MSC Beatrice

    • MSC Eva

      MSC Eva

    • CMA CGM Alaska

      CMA CGM Alaska

    • Maersk Edinburgh

      Maersk Edinburgh