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Inga Gurries heads market development in Asia
Inga Gurries coordinates the HHM Representative Office in China and in India together with Sameeha Pradeep Sule as the new Hamburg Representative in Mumbai.
 The Asia markets are traditionally very strongly con- nected to The Port of Hamburg. China has been a leader in container handling in the Hanseatic city for many years. Port of Hamburg Marketing (HHM) puts great value on intensive, high-quality market support and on developing Asian markets.
Mathias Schulz, who has taken over the division management for communication, has handed this very important task to Inga Gurries. She is now Head of Market Development for Asia and coordi- nates the Port of Hamburg representative Offices in Shanghai, Hong-Kong and Mumbai.
She studied sinology and has been at Port of Hamburg Marketing since 2018, and already looks after these mar- kets. During her studies she completed semesters in Hangzhou and Shanghai. In addition Inga Gurries worked for one year in the Hamburg Liaison Office China in
Shanghai. Inga Gurries will continue to work for the Pro- ject Department at Port of Hamburg Marketing.
In the future Sameeha Pradeep Sule, the Hamburg Representative in Mumbai will work at her side. Sameeha Pradeep Sule has advised Hamburg compa- nies and institutions on questions relating to India for the last two years. She takes over the position from Lea Miram, who after four years working in India will return
to Germany. ■
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  Lea Miram hands over as Mumbai-based Representative to Sameeha Pradeep Sule
Inga Gurries took over as Head of Market Development, Asia, in October
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