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  Virtual training worlds
for the port
The PortSkills 4.0 project aims to demonstrate which skills
and qualification competencies will be essential for the port
work of the future. A digital test and training centre – or ed-
ucation hub – is researching new development methods for
the forthcoming changes. Hamburg start-up PatientZero
Games is developing the required training software. Such
current technologies as virtual & augmented reality, or mul- ti-user-training, were used for training and further educa-
tion. These allow course content to be presented realistical-
ly, immersively and interactively. Rare and otherwise
difficult to impart situations can be tried out in virtual train-
ing worlds. In addition, future duties and technologies can
be displayed, e.g., remote control of container gantry
cranes and the introduction of drones in port areas. The ob-
jective is to create a 3D twin of a port in which numer-
ous staff can train together in cooperative case stud-
ies on coping with the new technologies and the
required skills.
This research project is being implemented by HHLA – Hamburger Hafen and Logistik AG, BLG Logistics Group,
the ma-co maritimes competenzcentrum and PatientZero Games, along with non-profit partners ver.di and ZDS – Federation of German Seaport Enterprises. (sh)
   © alle Fotos: PatientZero Games
 Port of Hamburg Magazine | December 2022 | 37
 Start-up of the year
Calls for freight transport tenders are mostly manu- al, costly and labour-intensive. SHIPSTA has set out to change this. This start-up based in Luxembourg
has developed a digital platform enabling compa- nies to call wholly online for tenders for their ship- ments. One unique feature is the digitalization of the complex rate management process and of rate cards. Three years after being launched in 2019, SHIPSTA manages all freight acquisition processes for over 100 clients worldwide. In October 2022 the start-up was voted ‘Startup of the Year’ at the Logis- tics Summit in Hamburg, one of Europe’s leading events for logistics digitalization and innovation. (sh)

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