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One eco-system for digital innovation
Digital Hub Logistics brings long-established companies and innovative start-ups together to boost digitalization of the logistics sector. Digital Hub‘s recent move offers proof of this think tank’s success.
 Hamburg is a world-class logistics centre. Whether by water, rail or road, the trade flows to be mastered are gigantic and involve enormous logistics effort. The launch of Digital Hub Logistics in 2017 involved creation of a network designed to boost moderniza- tion of the sector. The hub located in the heart of Hamburg’s Warehouse City networks companies, in- vestors, start-ups, researchers and academics in one place. Today, this is one of the largest centres for logistics alliances in Germany and Europe.
Digital Hub Logistics is run by Hamburg’s Ministry of Economics & Innovation and Hamburg Logistics Ini-
tiative. It is one of twelve hubs and forms part of the countrywide Digital Hub Initiative. Along with Bit- kom, this was launched by the Federal Ministry of Economics and Climate Protection in 2017. Its objec- tive was to promote digitalization in those branches of commerce and industry relevant for Germany.
“Anybody who has visions should go to the doctor,” urged former Federal Chancellor Helmut Schmidt. Johannes Berg has another idea there. Berg is CEO of Digital Hub Logistics in Hamburg – and anybody with visions has come to just the right place with him. One thing, namely is of special importance for
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