Skilled Manoeuverers with Hefty Bollard Pull

Tugs assist ocean-going ships when arriving and sailing on the Elbe and in the port’s basins to manoeuvre and berth. More than 20 modern tugboats offering push/pull force of up to 80 tons stand ready for action in Germany’s largest seaport. Five of the seven tug companies are organized in the ‘Port of Hamburg Tugboat Owners’ Association’ that coordinates the tugboats and their deployment. Although modern ocean-going ships possess excellent manoeuvring capabilities, in most cases the masters of ocean-going ships opt to use tugs. No general obligation to use these is in force, but in specific cases the harbourmaster’s office can insist on this. 

Drawing of a tugDrawing of a tug


Tugs use special propulsion layouts to enable them to manoeuvre as well as possible in confined space. A rudder-propeller of the kind manufactured by Schottel is in widespread use. With this layout, the propeller is mounted in a nacelle with a 360° turning circle. That makes a conventional rudder blade superfluous.