Stevedoring/Securing Cargo/Tally

Cargo lashing essential to eliminate slippage

Numerous experts in cargo lashing in the Port of Hamburg work to ensure that cargo reaches its destination safely and undamaged. Lashers use tensioning screws plus lashing rods firmly linked to ship’s superstructures to ensure that containers cannot slip during sea transport. Pipes, crates and vehicles are other general cargoes needing to be securely stowed on board.

Cargo lashingCargo lashing
Cargo InspectorsCargo Inspectors

Quality assurance by seaborne cargo inspectors

Responsibility in the port for counting crates and bags used to rest with tallymen. Today, they provide expertise and check cargoes. They check and measure general cargoes of all types, stuff containers and trailers and compile normed stowage plans and other shipping documents. Nowadays tallymen also supervise loading and discharge processes for grain, feedstuffs and other commodities.