Top 10 Trading Partners in Seaborne Container Traffic

  • In 2022, China again headed the list of Hamburg's Top Ten partner countries for container handling with 2.46 million TEU (-3.8 percent). The USA followed in second place with 605,000 TEU, representing a fall of 2.1 percent. Nevertheless, the total number of loaded boxes in container traffic with the USA rose by 0.6 percent to 540,000 TEU. Singapore retained a steady third place with 423,000 TEU (-1.1 percent).

    The other positions bring some positive surprises. At 294,000 TEU, throughput with Poland was up by almost 25 percent, putting the country in fourth place. Throughput trends with Finland were similarly positive, a 22.3 percent gain to 213,000 TEU putting the country into sixth place. There was a further positive signal from Canada, which advanced from twelfth into ninth place.

    While in the previous year Russia had been in fourth position as a top partner, in 2022 throughput of around 80,000 TEU still sufficed for twenty-seventh place.

  • Container handling 2022, in million tons


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