Seaborne Cargo Handling

  • In 2023, the Port of Hamburg experienced a significant decline in handling and traffic development, largely due to reduced demand and a weakened global economy. This downturn reflects ongoing geopolitical tensions, particularly exacerbated by Russian aggression in Ukraine, as well as subdued performance in key markets such as China.

    Overall, Hamburg port terminals handled 114.3 million tonnes of seaborne cargo during the year, representing a decrease of 4.7% compared to the previous year. Despite these challenges, Germany's largest universal port managed to maintain its competitive position in the market. Within the port's operations, the breakbulk segment experienced a significant decline of 6.6 percent to 78.1 million tonnes. In contrast, bulk cargo throughput remained stable at 36.32 million tonnes compared to the previous year.

  • Seaborne Cargo handling, 1989 – 2023, in million tons

    From: 1989 - 2023

Seaborne Cargo Handling | Copyright: Michael Lindner

Seaborne Cargo Handling

  • Seaborne Cargo

  • General cargo handling, 1989 - 2023, in millions of tons

    From: 1989 - 2023

HHM / Jochen Wischhusen

Bulk Cargo Handling

  • Bulk cargo handling, 1989 to 2023 in millions of tons

    From: 1989 - 2023


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