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Seaborne Cargo Handling

Bulk Cargo

Seaborne Cargo Handling

  • The seaborne cargo handling figures represent all imported and exported seaborne cargo. The total throughput of the the port, however, ist he sum of the two major segments bulk cargo and general cargo.

    In 2020, the Port of Hamburg. handled 126.3 million tonnes of seaborne cargo and thus remains Germany's leading seaport and third in Central Europe

  • Seaborne Cargo handling, 1983 – 2020, in million tons

    From: 1989 - 2020

Seaborne Cargo Handling | Copyright: Michael Lindner

Seaborne Cargo Handling

  • General cargo handling, 1989 - 2020, in millions of tons

    From: 1989 - 2020

HHM / Jochen Wischhusen

Bulk Cargo Handling

  • Bulk cargo handling, 1989 to 2020 in millions of tons

    From: 1989 - 2020


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