Port Railway Transport Volume

  • The Hamburg port railway is the shunting, transfer and waiting area between the handling facilities of the terminals and connecting companies on the one hand and the German and European hinterland on the other. Around 210 goods trains with more than 5,600 wagons run over the port railway's almost 300 km of track every day.

    The railway retained its leading position in the modal split of hinterland services. In 2022, more than half of all containers were still being shifted by rail. At 50.5 percent (-1 percentage point), the overall result may be slightly negative. Shifting 2.7 million TEU, however, rail remains the top mode of transport for the hinterland. Despite the 2.8 percent downturn, in this segment rail achieved the second-best annual result in its history.

    Looking at the tonnage in the modal split of hinterland transport, the 2022 rail even increased by 1.1 percentage points and transported 53.9 percent of the goods. At 47.3 million tonnes, it was the third highest total ever after 2021 and 2019. Hamburg thus maintains its position as the world's largest rail port.