Conventional general cargo

  • The handling of conventional general cargo (incl. RoRo) is a specialised handling area with correspondingly high added value in the port. Multipurpose terminals are predominantly used in this segment. The Port of Hamburg has no less than six of these, with the terminals of BLG Logistics Group, C. Steinweg, HHLA Frucht- und Kühlzentrum, Rhenus Midgard, Unikai and Wallmann & Co.

    These goods are usually either too large, too heavy or both, or otherwise unsuitable to be handled in containers. In the tropical fruit sector, there has been a trend in recent years from transport in reefer ships with conventional handling to reefer containers in Hamburg. This shifted corresponding volumes into temperature-controlled containers, which meant that they were excluded from these statistics. In Hamburg, around 1.2 million tonnes were handled as conventional general cargo (incl. RoRo) in 2020.

  • Import, 2020, in '000 tons

  • Export, 2020, in '000 tons

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