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Cargo Handling

  • Hamburg is accordingly the third largest container port in Europe and in the 18th place on the list of the world's largest container ports.

    • Seaborne Cargo Handling

      Seaborne Cargo Handling

      The seaborne cargo handling figures represent all imported and exported seaborne cargo. The total throughput of the the port

    • Bulk Cargo Handling

      Bulk Cargo Handling

      The goods handled as bulk cargo in maritime transport, such as ore, coal, building materials, grain, fertilisers or mineral oil products

    • Conventional general cargo

      Conventional general cargo

      The handling of conventional general cargo (incl. RoRo) is a specialised handling area with correspondingly high added value in the port

Container Handling

    • Container Handling

      Container Handling

      For years now, container handling has been the dominant segment at the Port of Hamburg. HHLA's container terminals Altenwerder, Burchardkai

    • Container Handling by Trade Areas

      Container Handling by Trade Areas

      Worldwide shipping connections and the global flow of goods bring container traffic to Hamburg.

    • Top 10 Trading Partners in Seaborne Container Traffic 2020

      Top 10 Trading Partners, Container

      The top 10 trading partners account for around 61 per cent of total container throughput in Hamburg. China and the USA occupy

Facts & Figures

    • Modal Split in hinterland traffic 2020

      Modal Split in hinterland Traffic

      Sea and hinterland transports are closely linked. As Europe's largest railway port, the Port of Hamburg plays its trump card here.

    • Port Railway Transport Volume

      Transportaufkommen Hafenbahn

      Die Hamburger Hafenbahn ist der Rangier-, Übergabe- und Wartebereich zwischen den Umschlagsanlagen der Terminals und Anschließern einerseits und dem deutschen

    • Barge Transport Volume

      Transport Volume by Inland Waterway Vessel

      The Port of Hamburg is one of the most important inland ports in Germany. Here, too, investments are being made and the waterway network is being expanded.

Facts & Figures

    • Top 20 Container Ports

      Top World Container Ports

      Top World Container Ports according to handled TEU

    • Vessel Calls

      Vessel Calls

      Vessel calls in the past two years, broken down by ship type.

    • Ultra Large Container Ships

      Ultra Large Container Ships

      With the first calls of HMM Algeciras (23,964 TEU) and Ever Ace (23,992 TEU) in Hamburg, shipowners show that vessel size and capacity are key factors...