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Impact on the Port of Hamburg

  • Due to the Russian war against Ukraine, the European Union has imposed extensive sanctions against the Russian Federation. This also impacts the Port of Hamburg. Russia is particularly important for the Port of Hamburg for importing bulk cargo. At present, bulk cargo is not affected by the sanctions. So far, the sanctions mainly apply to containerised cargo. Shipping companies as well as other businesses in the Hamburg Port area are hit hard by the sanctions.

Transhipment to and from Russia

  • The transhipment of goods to and from Russia is of considerable importance for the Port of Hamburg. The Russian Federation ranked second among Port of Hamburg's trading partners in terms of seaborne cargo handling in 2021 with 10.8 million tonnes. Around seven million tonnes of this was bulk cargo. Containerised general cargo was just over 3.7 million tonnes. Only about 100,000 tonnes were other general cargo.

    Most of the goods handled with Russia are imported. About nine million tonnes come from Russia and only 1.8 million tonnes take the opposite route from the Port of Hamburg to Russia.

  • Seaborne cargo Hamburg - Russia (import in 2021 approx. 9 million tonnes)

  • Bulk cargo dominates Russia trade

    Russia ranks first among Port of Hamburg's trading partners in the handling of bulk cargo. Imports of Russian goods in particular dominate this trade. Here, the statistics for the Russian Federation show the largest volumes for some different types of cargo. Petroleum products accounted for 3.6 million tonnes last year. In the same period, around 3.2 million tonnes of coal from Russia were handled in Hamburg. Bulk cargo is still being handled in Hamburg, as the sanctions primarily apply to containerised goods.

  • Seaborne cargo Hamburg - Russia (export 2021 approx. 1.85 million tonnes)

  • Container throughput down

    With the annexation of Crimea in 2014, the European Union implemented the first sanctions against Russia. Since then, container throughput in the Port of Hamburg's trade with Russia has steadily declined. While throughput in 2013 was 718,000 TEU, last year it was 337,000 TEU.

    Container handling has been particularly affected by the sanctions so far. After a temporary halt, container terminals have announced that they will continue to handle non-sanctioned goods. However, these must be individually exempted by customs.

  • Container traffic Hamburg - Russia

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Liner services between Hamburg and Russia

  • Regular liner services used to run between the Port of Hamburg and the Russian Baltic Sea ports of St. Petersburg, Ust-Luga, Kaliningrad and Bronka. There were also sporadic services to the ports of Murmansk and Arkhangelsk. In total, there were 13 liner services with these ports last year. Information on the current status of these services can be obtained from the respective shipping companies.

    The Port of Hamburg's liner services in intercontinental maritime traffic and in European feeder and short-sea traffic can be found in the "Port of Hamburg Liner Services" database.

    Port of Hamburg Liner Services

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    • Hamburg and Kyiv sign “Pact for Solidarity and the Future“



      Hamburg and Kyiv sign “Pact for Solidarity and the Future“

      Dr. Vitali Klitschko, Mayor of the City of Kyiv, and Hamburg’s First Mayor, Dr. Peter Tschentscher, have signed a “Pact for Solidarity and the Future” today.

    • A declaration of solidarity and humanity: enormous willingness to help HHLA families from Odessa



      A declaration of solidarity and humanity: enormous willingness to help HHLA families from Odessa

      It is the preliminary end of a long journey: on Wednesday morning, the first families of HHLA staff members from Ukraine arrived in Hamburg.

    • Port of Hamburg implements sanctions



      Port of Hamburg implements sanctions

      Terminals in Hamburg are no longer handling freight for transport to or from Russia. Shipping companies no longer accept any bookings.

    • Port of Hamburg’s seaborne cargo recovers in 2021



      Port of Hamburg’s seaborne cargo recovers in 2021

      - Growth in container, general and bulk cargo throughput - Rail freight transport reaches record level - Successful shift of road transport to rail

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