Four-masted barque 'Peking'

  • The 'Peking' is back in Hamburg

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    09 Jul 2020
  • In 1911, the four-masted steel barque was built in Hamburg by Blohm+Voss. Now the 'Peking' has returned to its home port on the historic ship's last voyage. After many years at sea and most recently over 40 years as a museum ship in New York, the 'Peking' is now to be berthed in Hamburg on Grasbrook. This is where the German Port Museum is to be built in the future.

    The ship was restored for three years at the Peters shipyard in Wewelsfleth, after being transported across the Atlantic from New York in a dock ship.

    The Peking is one of the famous Flying P liners of the F. Laeisz shipping company. The sailors, whose names all began with the letter P, were known for their speed. One of her sister ships, the Passat, is moored in Travemünde. The only ship still sailing, the former Padua, is still in service as the Kruzenshtern.

    • Berth and ship information

      • Deutsches Hafenmuseum

        Deutsches Hafenmuseum

      • Peking
        Museum Vessels


        ETA13 Sep 2022 - 14:43
        Year built1911
        Sail Area4100 sqm
        Vessel Length115.06 m
        Breadth13.89 m
        Draught4.9 m
        Last call in Hamburg-
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