“HMM Hamburg“
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“HMM Hamburg“

With the first call of the "HMM HAMBURG", another ship of the so-called "Megamax-24 class" headed for the Port of Hamburg on 2 September 2020. The "HMM HAMBURG" is one of 12 container ships of the South Korean liner shipping company HMM (formerly Hyundai Merchant Marine), which were delivered in April 2020.

With a slot capacity of 23,964 TEU (20-foot standard containers), the "HMM HAMBURG" and its sister ships are among the largest container ships in the world, according to the shipping company. The container giant is also 400 metres long and 61 metres wide, and 12 containers each can be stowed below and above deck on board, as well as 24 rows of containers athwartships.

Video maiden call

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Liner service

  • Frequency 1 per week
    Duration84 Tage
    Port rotation1 Hamburg, 2 Antwerp, 3 Tangier, 4 Singapore, 5 Tianjin, 6 Qingdao, 7 Busan, 8 Shanghai, 9 Yantian, 10 Colombo, 11 Algeciras, 12 Rotterdam, 13 Hamburg