“HMM Algeciras“
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“HMM Algeciras“

The “HMM Algeciras“ is the first of a series of twelve identical vessels. With a length of 400 metres and a capacity of 23,964 TEU, she and her sisters are currently one of the largest ships in the world. The shipping company had ordered the construction of seven and five ships respectively from the shipyards DSMI (Daewoo Shipping & Marine Engineering's Okpo) and SHI (Samsung Heavy Industries).

The series belongs to the so-called Megamax-24 container vessels. The number 24 refers to the number of containers that can be placed next to each other across the width of the ship. In height, twelve layers can be stacked below deck and another twelve above deck. As with most megacarriers, the deckhouse is located far forward to give the ship’s command a better view to the front.

The megacarrier is powered by a WinGD engine with an output of 60,580 kW. This enables the vessel to reach a speed of 22.4 knots. The entire series is equipped with so-called scrubbers. These “exhaust gas scrubbers” remove sulphur emissions out of the ships' exhaust gases, thus implementing the required worldwide guidelines.

Video maiden call

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Liner service

  • Frequency 1 per week
    Duration84 Tage
    Port rotation1 Hamburg, 2 Antwerp, 3 Tangier, 4 Singapore, 5 Tianjin, 6 Qingdao, 7 Busan, 8 Shanghai, 9 Yantian, 10 Colombo, 11 Algeciras, 12 Rotterdam, 13 Hamburg