"Great Antwerp"
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"Great Antwerp"

The modern RoRo vessel of the Grimaldi shipping company docked at the O'Swaldkai terminal of Unikai Lagerei- und Speditionsgesellschaft in the Port of Hamburg in the early hours of Wednesday, 7 June 2023.

The "Great Antwerp" is the first RoRo vessel of the G5 class. According to Grimaldi, it combines a higher loading capacity with the latest technology, making it more environmentally friendly than previous vessel categories. With a length of 250 metres, a width of 38 metres and a deadweight of 45,684 tonnes, the "Great Antwerp" can carry 4,700 linear metres of rolling cargo, 2,500 CEU (Car Equivalent Units) and 2,000 TEU (Twenty Foot Equivalent Units). Compared to the previous G4 class, the new vessels have double the container capacity.

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Liner service

  • Frequency 1 per week
    Duration42 Tage
    Break bulk
    Port rotation1 Hamburg, 2 Tilbury, 3 Antwerp, 4 Casablanca, 5 Santa Cruz de Tenerife, 6 Freetown, 7 Cotonou, 8 Lagos, 9 Tema, 10 Takoradi, 11 Abidjan, 12 Amsterdam, 13 Hamburg