Flotte Hamburg (Hamburg Fleet)

Flotte Hamburg

Anyone looking out into the port is very likely to spot a ship belonging to Flotte Hamburg (Hamburg Fleet). The wholly owned subsidiary of the Hamburg Port Authority is the overarching fleet manager of the Free and Hanseatic City of Hamburg. Since 2017, it has been in cahrge of bundling, operating and chartering out the city's ships.

The Flotte Hamburg currently comprises around 50 ships. Among them are mostly inland vessels that perform a wide range of functions in the port. Fire-fighting and police vessels are in use for the Hamburg fire brigade and police, sounding ships assist with surveying and maintenance work, pilot relocators bring Elbe and harbour loadsmen to and from seagoing vessels, and icebreakers keep the Elbe navigable in the winter. Dredging equipment, barges and a barge suction station are also part of the Flotte Hamburg.

The bundling of the city's vessels in one organisation makes it possible for the first time to implement a uniform environmental strategy. With this, the Flotte Hamburg wants to make shipping modern and fit for the future. To this end, it relies on low-emission fuels and exhaust gas aftertreatment systems as well as energy-efficient ship operation. The use of innovative propulsion technologies such as hydrogen propulsion is also already in planning. Together with Hamburg Technical University, the Flotte Hamburg is going one step further by researching a zero-emission strategy. True to the motto "Green Fleet Hamburg", the Flotte Hamburg represents an innovation driver for low-emission shipping in Hamburg.

The Flotte Hamburg’s team is highly committed to the smooth running of fleet management. The majority of the 130 employees are crew members, skippers and on-board mechanics. Their tireless efforts 365 days a year keep the Port of Hamburg running!


Flotte Hamburg GmbH & Co. KG

Neuer Wandrahm 4

20457 Hamburg


+49 40 42847 5297