ShortSeaShipping Days

ShortSeaShipping connects Europe’s economies and people

The volume of cargo transported in the European Union’s 28 member states (EU 28) adds up to around 3.5 billion ton-kilometers per year. Shortsea and inland waterway shipping carry almost 40 percent of it. Therefore, shortsea shipping plays a particularly strong role in cargo transport among the 28 nations in the EU. Large amounts of freight are not the only thing that shortsea shipping handles; millions of passengers also make use of the numerous European ferry connections. Shortsea shipping connects people and economies, making it a very important factor in the ongoing development of Europe. In the future, cargo volumes will continue to increase, and bottlenecks in the infrastructure, especially traffic congestion on the roads, will become worse, as well.
The conference will focus on three thematic areas that are highly relevant for shipping now and in the future.
  • European Market Developments
  • European and national support programs and initiatives
  • Innovation


Event Date:

20. - 21. June 2018


Lübecker Musik- und Kongreßhallen GmbH, Willy-Brandt-Allee 10, 23554 Lübeck

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SCiWeek (IQPC)