The Port of Hamburg – a significant port for South Korea’s foreign trade with Europe

South Korea is the Port of Hamburg’s fourth most important partner for seaborne container traffic. Seven out of ten liner services between Northern European and Korean ports call at the Port of Hamburg. This underlines Hamburg’s pivotal position as a port in seaborne foreign trade with Korea. In 2014 around 370,000 TEU were transported between Hamburg and ports in South Korea. With a share of around 90 percent of volume handled, the Port of Busan is of special significance for Hamburg. Both as imports and exports, it is especially chemical products, food and beverages, as well as metal products and machinery, which are shifted between Hamburg and South Korea. 


Activities of the Port of Hamburg representative office in Seoul

The Port of Hamburg has been active through a representative office in Seoul since 1988. This observes and analyses flows of exports from Korean companies. During company visits and conferences it publicizes the variety of services offered by the Port of Hamburg. In addition, the representative office organizes itineraries for delegations from Hamburg. It also arranges meetings with notable companies in South Korea’s maritime industry. Its marketing activities include publication of specialist articles in such renowned media as Korea Logistics News, one of the largest Korean logistics and shipping magazine.