Seaworthy Packing

Seaworthy packing for cargo protection

Certain seaborne cargoes need to be protected during loading and transport through different temperature zones against vibration, wind and weather. Then they reach their destination undamaged. Specialized packing services undertake expert seaworthy packing of general cargo in containers and all goods not stowed in containers. They select suitable packing materials and anti-corrosion agents, build crates and design protective packing for large machinery, special vehicles, heavy cargo and other project loads.
Seaworthy PackingSeaworthy Packing

Safe container transport

The container is the most frequently used transport packing for general cargo in worldwide freight traffic. Irrespective of the carrier, it protects the contents from external environmental influences. If cargo is to be safely stowed inside the container and avoid damage during loading, discharging or transport, it is essential that it is packed and secured expertly and in line with CTU packing guidelines. Packing is done by specialized container packing firms. These ensure effective usage of container space, maximum safety and optimal weight distribution.
Container packingContainer packing