Research & Consulting

Research and science boost Hamburg as logistics centre

First-class research and scientific institutes in Hamburg contribute towards enabling the Elbe metropolis to prove itself one of the world’s top logistics centres. Numerous bodies address questions related to seaport planning, shipbuilding, packing solutions, transport, logistics and the environment, along with foreign trade. Process optimization or the initial and further development of technologies are just two areas where Hamburg-based scientific institutions conduct successful research. It is essential that this is both innovative and pragmatic. On such research projects, interdisciplinary teams take into account the latest scientific findings when pursuing customized approaches to solutions for the port, logistics and shipping industry.

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Good advice from Hamburg

A host of consultancy firms in Hamburg utilize their vast expertise to support the port and logistics industry all over the world. Whether you require advice on environmental or security and safety issues, port management and terminal development, market analyses, process optimization, risk evaluation or staff development, Hamburg consultancies will frequently prove to be your first choice. Development of holistic approaches is to the fore here. With thorough analyses as the starting point, great importance is attached to practical feasibility. Innovation and commercial viability, but also organisational, technical and human resources requirements, are all allowed for in future-orientated planning. Experts monitor and advise companies worldwide on entire sector-specific added value chains, from product development, production, packing, storage and transport, to purchasing and marketing strategies as well as staff development. Briefing on statutory demands as well as observance of environmental and safety/security standards is also a feature of the advisory services supplied by the numerous Hamburg-based consultancy firms.