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The Port of Hamburg – important transhipment point for Polish foreign trade

 The Port of Hamburg is an important hub for the distribution of Polish imports and exports. Around 15 percent of Polish container services are routed along feeder, rail and road links via Hamburg. For commercial success, swift and wherever possible environmentally-friendly transport of all goods is of particular importance. Excellent transport links by feedership, rail and truck ensure this. They are also being continually modernized and expanded.
In 2018 the bulk of containers – around 205,000 TEU – were transported by feederships in regular liner services via Hamburg to or from the container terminals in Gdansk, Gdynia and in Szczecin. Transporting around 70,000 TEU per year, on land about 25 container trains run between Hamburg and Poland every week.  Around 65,000 TEU per year are trucked by road. Among the main import and export goods are chemical products and food & beverages, along with machinery, other finished goods, furniture and electrical products.


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    • Warsaw

Activities of the Port of Hamburg representative office in Warsaw

The Port of Hamburg has maintained its own representative office in Warsaw, the Polish capital, since 1996. This aims to maintain and expand contacts between the Port of Hamburg business community and customers, shippers, institutions, trade associations and public sector agencies on the spot. The representative office also advises member companies interested in the Polish market, creates networks, organizes and supports events, and provides news in Poland of the latest developments in Germany’s largest universal port. The office is also the initial point of contact for Polish firms and universities wishing to have itineraries organized for the Port of Hamburg and other ports in the Metropolitan Region. Among the highlights is the annual Port Evening in Warsaw that has become established as a traditional industry gathering. This is accompanied by the “Hamburg for Practitioners” customer function.