Representative Office Saint Petersburg

The Port of Hamburg – An essential logistics hub for Russia’s foreign trade

Russia and Hamburg have been linked by cross-Baltic seaborne trade routes for centuries. The Port of Hamburg is of special significance for Russia, assuming the function of a hub for Russia’s trade with the European Union.

Almost 95 percent of direct traffic with Russia via Hamburg is handled by the Seaport of St. Petersburg. Kaliningrad and Ust-Luga, as well as Archangel and Murmansk, are other ports of importance. The Russian market is additionally served in transit via ports in Finland, Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania. With around 32 weekly connections, the feedership is the main carrier for container transport between Hamburg and Russia. 


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    • St. Petersburg

Activities of the Port of Hamburg representative office in St. Petersburg

Staff based in St. Petersburg have been representing the interests of Hamburg’s seaport industry in Russia since 2003. These experts know their market and maintain good contacts with numerous firms in trade and industry, the transport and logistics sector, as well as trade associations and political decision-makers. They aim to supply data about developments in the universal port of Hamburg, as well as advice and support.  
HHM members also profit from this intensive coverage of the market, being regularly supplied with the latest market and sector data from Russia. Additional services for them include arrangement of contacts with potential customers, and organization and preparation of events or visits to customers in Russia. The annual TransRussia logistics trade fair in Moscow also offers member firms an excellent opportunity to cultivate and build on business contacts.
Along with showcasing the Port of Hamburg as its umbrella brand at the trade fair, HHM organizes several events in Russia every year. Among the highlights are the annual Port Evening in St. Petersburg, numerous customer briefings and specialized events that are also held in such neighbouring countries as Finland and Latvia. The focus at these is on interchange of markets, information and contacts between those attending. In addition, itineraries in the Port of Hamburg are arranged for customers from Russia, or delegations from business and politics in Hamburg accompanied during visits to Russia.