ZAPP becomes EMP

11 Jan 2024 09:30 Digitalization

  • Digital export process is reorganised
  • Consolidation of all functionalities/applications
  • Holistic establishment of the XML standard

The IT platform ZAPP - the comprehensive and mandatory IT system for the customs export process in the Port of Hamburg - is being reorganised and renamed. In future, all functionalities will be bundled and further developed under the name EMP. The new features include a web application that integrates all current ZAPP applications, a standardised login for status queries, intuitive user interfaces and the establishment of the XML standard for all interfaces.

The Hamburg-based software provider DAKOSY, operator of the IT platform ZAPP (customs export monitoring in Paperless Port), has scheduled a total of four years for the major technical project. The pilot phase is already underway. The investment in the future should be completed by the end of 2024. The project is supported by the DAKOSY shareholders and therefore by the Hamburg seaport industry.

"Externally, the development is most clearly reflected in the new name. We are bringing together the entire ZAPP family, including all services such as ZAPP@Gate and ZAPP@Status, under the EMP brand," explains Kai Stanislaus, who is responsible for the project at DAKOSY. This is about much more than just a new name. It is first and foremost an expression of the standardisation and bundling of the established structures under one roof.

New features for users/test phase with EUROGATE

The central innovation for users in terms of content is the new EMP web application. Stanislaus explains its advantages: "For authorised users, the web application is the showcase for the export data that is exchanged via the platform. Among other things, it offers a modern user interface, many filter options and a standardised login." Initial results from the test phase with EUROGATE show easier handling and an improved workflow as a result. Customs was involved in the innovations right from the start. The Hamburg customs office - AG 30 - is already working fully with the EMP web application provided.

Technical focus on XML interface

However, the main part of the project is invisible to users. Stanislaus estimates that around seven-eighths of the technical innovations are running in the background. One focus is on establishing XML interfaces for data transfer, an internationally known and recognised standard. Behlich Zollagentur from Hamburg was available as a pilot partner for the Port Order XML interface, which is important in this context.

Hand in hand with the port industry

ZAPP was introduced in 1997 by DAKOSY together with the port industry in order to guarantee the then mandatory electronic provision of all export data to customs. Since then, new services for simple, fast and paperless export information flows have been added. All further developments are developed and implemented jointly in the specially established ZAPP working group with representatives from freight forwarders, container terminals, packing companies, carriers, customs and DAKOSY.

About DAKOSY Datenkommunikationssystem AG

As one of the leading software houses for logistics, DAKOSY has been offering digital solutions for international freight forwarding and customs clearance as well as supply chain management for over 40 years, and also operates the Port Community System (PCS) for the Port of Hamburg and the Cargo Community System (FAIR@Link) for Frankfurt and Hamburg airports. All companies and authorities involved in the export and import processes can use the digital platforms to handle their transport processes quickly and automatically.

The ZAPP IT platform for the customs export process is being reorganised and further developed under the name EMP.

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