Webinar: Linking Sea and Land – a Baltic Sea Region Initiative

22 Apr 2021 16:53 Economy

Join the LISA Webinar May 25th or May 27th to learn more!

LISA (Linking Sea and Land) aims to establish a long-term process to support cross-sectoral digitalization efforts in transport and logistics in the Baltic Sea Region. This process will help to facilitate joint initiatives and joint project applications linking land and sea in the Baltic Sea Region and with that increase connectivity and intermodality and thus support a greener and more efficient transport system.

On May 25th or May 27th 2021 13:00-14:00 CEST you can learn more about the LISA.
Both of these events are the same event. They will take place on two different days.
The webinar will take place online on GoToMeeting.
Introduction LISA Flagship process

Storytelling – Our Flagship
How will this work?
What are the benefits?

Road Map Ahead
Next step – what happens now?

Questions and Comments from the audience

To participate, please send an e-mail to Tim Reincke of Port of Hamburg and tell him which date you want to join. You will receive a confirmation with the meeting details.

By engaging stakeholders from port related businesses, logistics businesses along the supply chain, administrations and policy makers, LISA aims to create a large partnership around the Baltic Sea Region (BSR). The focus lies within the facilitation of innovative technologies and solutions, digitalization and optimization of port calls linking sea and land and serving the stakeholders as a creative platform for projects, initiatives and other relevant actions. The overall goal is to steer and manoeuver towards the realization of EUSBSR policy area transport action plan.

Current cooperation partners working on the LISA Flagship Process are:
  • Estonian Transport Administration,
  • Port of Hamburg,
  • Swedish Maritime Administration (SMA)
  • and Vilnius Gediminas Technical University.
For more information about, please the project find the brochure here.

Webinar: Linking Sea and Land – a Baltic Sea Region Initiative