Tugboat Petergof of PORT FLEET CJSC redeployed to Port Bronka

06 Apr 2016 11:45 Shipping News

On March 17 tugboat Petergof of PORT FLEET CJSC was redeployed to its permanent location at Port Bronka (MSCC Bronka, Big Port St. Petersburg). In view of growing number of calls to Port Bronka terminal the management of PORT FLEET CJSC has decided to redeploy its tugboat to the new terminal for continuous operation. 

“To reduce ship owners’ extra costs it was decided to redeploy the tugboat to Bronka. This will let considerably decrease the chargeable time of mooring operations since there is no need to shift the tugboat from the First District of Port Saint Petersburg to Port Bronka and back,” explained  Yevgeny Savkin, Director General of PORT FLEET CJSC. The Company’s tugboats have been assisting vessels to moor at Bronka from February 2016. “With the new tug service shipping lines are able to make use of the favourable navigational location of Port Bronka”, Alexey Shukletsov, executive director of Port Bronka added.
PORT FLEET Company was founded in November 1997. As of today, it performs a considerable part of service operations in the Port of Saint Petersburg and neighbouring ports of the Russian part of the Gulf of Finland. The main activity of PORT FLEET is operation auxiliary fleet. The Company operates the fleet of 20 vessels including tugboats, bunkering tankers and oil barges. It can perform any tasks on comprehensive servicing of ships within and outside the Port of Saint Petersburg.

Port Bronka is located at the South coast of the Gulf of Finland in the area of the dam and Saint Petersburg ring highway connection. Bronka includes the following three specialized complexes: container terminal, Ro-Ro terminal, logistics center. MSCC Bronka first stage throughput will allow handling of 500,000 TEU of container cargoes and 130,000 units of Ro-Ro cargoes per year. In future the capacity will be increased up to 1.9 million TEU of container cargoes and 260,000 of Ro-Ro cargoes per year. With a water depth of 14.4 metres the port is able to handle Panamax class container vessels and Finnstar class ferries.

Tugboat Petergof

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