Shore Power Station at the Cruise Centre Altona in full Operation for one Year – Ship Calls soar

04.23.2018 13:02 Shipping News

Today’s call of the AIDAsol marks the one-year anniversary of the shore power station at the Cruise Centre Altona. In the previous season, the AIDAsol received green shore power twelve times, nine times of which she fully relied on it. Her engines stopped running throughout her time at the berth in Hamburg and the vessel was powered by zero-emissions alternative marine power. For the upcoming cruise season, the AIDAsol is scheduled to call 22 times at the shore power station. In addition, test calls by potentially new shore power customers are planned.

The shore power station, commissioned by HPA and realised by Siemens, was launched as a pilot project in 2016. As the station is unique in the world, a testing phase followed the launch, which lasted for more than one year. At the beginning of the 2017 cruise season, the station started regular operations. Since then, HPA has welcomed some 25 expert delegations from around the world at the station, among them port authorities and terminals who wanted to learn more about Hamburg’s shore power technology.

“For me, the shore power station is a success,” says Tino Klemm, CFO of Hamburg Port Authority (HPA). “When we decided to build the station, we entered a new technical area. After one year of regular operations, demand has substantially increased. Building the station has obviously been the right decision, not least because it significantly contributes to keeping the port clean.”

“Together with research, science, business and political partners we have been breaking new ground in the fields of alternative drive technologies and modern environmental engineering for many years. Every year, we invest several million euros,” says Dr Ali Arnaout, Senior Vice President & CFO at AIDA Cruises. “The shore power station in Hamburg Altona significantly contributes to improving the air quality in the Port of Hamburg. To enable us to make full use of our on-board shore power equipment, other ports need to develop their port infrastructure and we need uniform standards in all of Europe.”

When regular operations started, HAMBURG ENERGIE, a utility, AIDA Cruises and HPA entered into a power supply agreement under which power from renewable energy sources only will be supplied. “HAMBURG ENERGIE wants to advance Germany’s Energiewende (energy transition) in a responsible manner,” says Jörn Fedder, Project Manager at HAMBURG ENERGIE. “We ensure the supply of green electricity throughout the city, be it to private homes, major customers, electric vehicles that rely on charging stations in the streets, and – as is the case here – on the water by providing environmentally-friendly shore power to cruise ships mooring in the Port of Hamburg. We thus reduce harmful CO2 emissions and contribute to improving the air quality and climate in our city.”

The shore power station at the Cruise Centre Altona supplies 60Hz and 50Hz electricity. Roughly 75 per cent of the vessels deployed in international shipping operate on 60Hz frequency, however only a few countries’ grids supply that frequency. The shore power station is unique in that it offers both frequencies.

Shore Power Station at the Cruise Centre Altona in full Operation for one Year – Ship Calls soar

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