Shanghai Zhenhua Port Machinery (ZPMC) to intensify activities in Hamburg

01 Jun 2015 15:39 Economy

European Purchase Center to be set up in Hamburg

Hamburg, 31 May 2015 –The Shanghai Zhenhua Port Machinery (ZPMC) will be creating up to 100 new jobs in Hamburg by setting up its European Purchase Center in the Elbe metropolis. ZPMC is the world’s largest manufacturer of steel structures and container bridges, with the latter holding a global market share of 75 per cent. Out of the company’s annual sales of US$ 1bn, 60 per cent are being generated in Europe. Its products are being used in all major German ports, including Hamburg. In addition, the group has been expanding its business activities to offshore facilities, specialised shipbuilding, and related services.

In the year 2014, the HWF Hamburg Business Development Corporation successfully brought a first sales office of ZMPC to Hamburg. There, twelve employees are currently working, i.e. ten Hamburg locals and two Chinese staff. ZMPC’s expansion will be accompanied by the Hamburg Liaison Office in Shanghai and HWF. Hamburg’s First Mayor Olaf Scholz will be among the guests speakers at the official inauguration of the European Purchase Center of the Shanghai Zhenhua Port Machinery (ZPMC).

Lu Jianzhong, President of ZPMC, says: ”Hamburg is not only one of Europe's most important ports and the starting point for the offshore wind energy activities in North Sea and Baltic Sea. The Port of Hamburg is also a very important customer of our company. We generate 60 per cent of our sales in Europe. The expansion of our activities in Europe was thus an obvious step. We chose Hamburg because the majority of our partners is active here."

Dr. Rolf Strittmatter, managing director of HWF, adds: "China is one of the major source markets for international companies setting up a business in Hamburg. Last year alone, 58 companies from China and Hong Kong have been newly entered in the commercial register. Many Chinese companies are currently expanding their presence in Hamburg and create jobs for the citizens of Hamburg. Once again, the strategic role of Hamburg as a base for construction and expansion of the European business of Chinese companies has been confirmed.”

By setting up the European Purchase Center, the company strives to reduce its procurement cost of some double digit-millions in the long-term. ZPMC also has a strategic partnership with China Shipping, one of the Port of Hamburg’s main trade partners. The China Shipping Container Line is one of the leading container shipping companies worldwide and currently placed on sixth position in the Top 100 of operating shipping companies. China Shipping is transporting containers to the Far East, Australia, the U.S., Mexico, South America, North Africa, the Middle East, the Red Sea region, and the Indian subcontinent.

With HHLA, ZPMC has been maintaining business relations since 1999, which are to be further expanded and strengthened in future. A contract for the delivery of three more gantry cranes will be signed next week in Hamburg. The Hamburg section of Siemens and ZPMC are also co-operating. Both ZPMC and its parent company, the China Communications Construction Company (CCCC), are closely linked to Hamburg. Chen Fenjian, CEO of CCCC, and Lu Jianzhong, president of ZPMC, for example, were speakers at the “Hamburg Summit” hosted by the Hamburg Chamber of Commerce.

About ZPMC
Shanghai Zhenhua Heavy Industries Company Limited (ZPMC), formerly known as Shanghai Zhenhua Port Machinery Company Limited, is a Chinese company headquartered in Shanghai. Founded in the year 2000, the state holding is listed on the SSE 50 index of the Shanghai Stock Exchange.

The company is the global market leader in the production of container bridges, with their heavy-duty cranes being used by 120 ports in the world. 84 per cent of sales are being generated abroad, 60 per cent in Europe alone. The company’s growth rate in the years 2004 to 2006 was 310 per cent. Today, the company is a subsidiary of the China Communications Construction Company (CCCC).

About CCCC
CCCC is a Chinese company based in Beijing and listed at the Hong Kong Stock Exchange. Founded in 2006, CCCC is principally engaged in construction.  Chairman of CCCC is Liu Qitao.

At the 2006 IPO, part of the shares were acquired by the billionaires Li Ka Shing, Lee Shau Kee, Joseph Lau, Robert Kuok, and al-Walid ibn Talal . Strategic shareholders include the tow companies China Life Insurance Group, Chow Tai Fook Group and Government of Singapore Investment Corporation.

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Press contact

HWF, Andreas Köpke, Herad of Marketing, Communication & Strategy
Direct line: + 49 (0) 40 / 227 019 23; mobile: + 49 (0) 17 24 15 99 96