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26 Mar 2024 09:50 Entertainment

What would the HAMBURG PORT ANNIVERSARY be without its maritime visitors, a multicoloured mix of majestic masts, modern engines, and all manner of sea vessels? From May 9th to 12th, around 250 ships are expected to set sail for Hamburg. The range of ships on display will be stunning: Tall ships, traditional and museum ships, pleasure boats, working ships from the Hamburg fleet, harbour and ocean-going tugs, research ships, emergency vessels from rescue organisations, the federal police, the fire brigade, fisheries protection, the navy, the water police, and last but not least the customs authorities. Cruise ships shall also be arriving every day and bringing passengers full of wanderlust. Visitors can look forward to the opportunity to board numerous ships and pose questions to their crew. Some ships will also be offering rides during the entry and/or exit parades. The Ascension weekend will show once again that the HAMBURG PORT ANNIVERSARY is a true hotspot for the maritime scene.

A maritime feast for the eyes
The extravaganza will also be featuring the tall ships “Alexander von Humboldt II” and “Dar Młodzieży”. Both of these tall ships have truly imposing masts, rising up to 50 meters above deck, and which will therefore truly stand out in the harbour scenery during the HAMBURG PORT ANNIVERSARY at the St. Pauli Landungsbrücken. The three-master “Alexander von Humboldt II” is Germany’s largest civilian sailing ship. With a length of almost 109 meters, the Polish training ship “Dar Młodzieży” is one of the largest sailing ships in the world that is still operated.

The show extravaganza on the Elbe
Other seafaring visitors are also expected from both near and afar. The Dutch three-masted top sail schooner “Swaensborgh” imposes with its elegance, while the ocean-going tug “Elbe” impresses with its powerful engines. The steamship “George Stephenson” is a particularly unique vessel. Built in 2013 from decommissioned components of legendary naval, passenger, and merchant ships, it represents a true floating piece of history. The antique pilot schooner “Atalanta” originates from Wismar and has enjoyed a very eventful life. Also worth seeing are the Dutch three-masted barque “Loth Lorien”, and the hundred-year-old brig “Eye of the Wind”.

The home port of Hamburg
The historic flotilla of ships, which has its home port in Hamburg, illustrates the Hanseatic city's captivating maritime past. The four-masted barque "Peking" served across the world's oceans as a cargo ship, the "Blechen" represents a whole generation of general cargo ships, the "Cap San Diego" is the world's largest seaworthy museum cargo ship, and the museum ship "Rickmer Rickmers" reminds us of the proud era of the windjammer. And that is also what makes the HAMBURG PORT ANNIVERSARY exactly what it is. The history of the Hanseatic city will burst into life when the mostly volunteer crews welcome everyone to chat, explain, and proudly present their ships to visitors.

Cutting-edge technology on board
Two ultra-modern research ships will be paying their very first visits this year: The “Atair” from the Federal Maritime and Hydrographic Agency and the new research vessel “Uthörn” from the Alfred Wegner Institute, Helmholtz Center for Polar and Marine Research, impress with their ultra-modern and environmentally-friendly ship engineering. The “Atair” – the Federal Maritime and Hydrography Agency’s newest surveying, wreck search, and research ship – will be moored at the St. Pauli Landungsbrücken. The agency's flagship is a floating research station. It is the world's first seagoing government ship to feature low-emission LNG propulsion, meaning that it is able to meet the highest environmental standards.
The new “Uthörn” will be berthed in the port of Brandenburg. The Alfred Wegener Institute's research vessel, which was only christened in 2023, is the world's first seagoing vessel built to operate on the green fuel methanol, setting new standards for environmental protection at sea.

Landlubbers question the crews
During the Open Ship event, many ships will be inviting guests to come on board - landlubbers of all ages will be able to experience some fascinating insights into shipping right up close. There you can immerse yourself in maritime history on the decks of historic sailing ships, stand on the command bridge of a naval vessel, or take a peek inside the engine room of a modern research vessel. The crews will be happy to answer any of your questions. Some might even show off some impressive sailing manoeuvres and demonstrate more traditional ways of sailing.

Cast off!
Visitors who would like to experience a trip on the Elbe up close and set sail can book a day trip. The wide range of offers include, for example, trips on the “Alexander von Humboldt II”, the deepsea tug “Elbe”, and the general cargo ship “Bleichen”. On these trips, visitors can follow the spectacular harbour festival from the water. Information and booking options can be found at:

An overview of all ships coming to the PORT ANNIVERSARY can be found from the beginning of April at:

Der HAFENGEBURTSTAG HAMBURG vom 9. bis 12. Mai 2024 zeigt eine große Schiffsvielfalt.

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