“Portathon 2021” Hackathon: a strong comeback with new partners

12 Aug 2021 16:19 Digitalization

An international community of innovators and 48 hours dedicated to the solution generation - the hackathon “Portathon”, which has managed to become the business card of Klaipėda technological events, will drop anchor in the port city for the third time ever on September 24-26.

Additional location - Germany

Klaipėda Science and Technology Park, the Lithuanian Maritime Cluster and the Klaipėda State Seaport Authority, as last year, remain the core of the “Portathon” community. The International Port Technology Hackathon has also secured support of four international projects: “Secmar”, “Connect 2 Small Ports”, “Liquid Energy” and “Exoprodigi”.

For the second year in a row, the initiative will be implemented in a hybrid format: individual participants and teams will meet both in a physical location in Klaipeda Science and Technology Park and online. Registration has already begun - open to challenges start-ups, students and teachers who want to help young people gain practical experience in developing and implementing ideas should rush to secure places in the hackathon.

Representatives of IT, shipbuilding, transport and logistics, and other business organizations operating in the port also form a significant part of the participants every year - for professionals in working various fields, whose teams are delegated by companies, this event provides an opportunity to take a new look at everyday processes and problems and to find creative solutions, using the competencies and insights of external experts.

The Hakathon returns not only with the work experience and friends of previous years, but also with new partners. Hochschule Wismar (Germany) joins “Portathon 2021”, bringing together its academic youth for the technological challenges of the ports - this university of applied sciences that encompasses technology, business and design will become another physical location and idea embassy of the hackathon.

The Naval Forces join

Digitization in the logistics sector, automated port equipment, digitization of port terminals, intelligent transport ecosystems, cyber security - the main directions of the hackathon remain, but with the new partners joining, new accents will be added, that will cover the military industry and innovation in this field.

“We are happy and proud of the support of the Navy for our event. This step, I think, demonstrates a truly modern approach of the said organization to the opportunities opened up by purposeful cooperation to develop the necessary technologies here in Lithuania. The military industry undoubtedly goes hand in hand with technological breakthrough and stimulates it, because the challenges faced by military structures are extremely complex and elaborate - so they require specific knowledge and high competencies. Finally, economic potential is also a very significant aspect when it comes to generating important solutions for the military industry” emphasized Andrius Sutnikas, Klaipėda Science and Technology Park Development Manager.

Victory companions - mentors
Last year, in addition to participants from Lithuania, representatives from Sweden, Germany, the Netherlands and the United Arab Emirates also lined up. Over 80 technology enthusiasts from Lithuanian and foreign research institutions, business representatives, start-ups expressed a desire to participate in the event.

Teams from Kaunas University of Applied Sciences, Germany and the UAE were recognized as the strongest, after 12 final presentations in the hackathon last year. Lithuanians were awarded for the generated solution for monitoring the condition of quays using sensors. Team from the Universities of Rostock and Wismar - for a drone solution to the monitoring and recovery system for spills, The team of Amity University in Dubai - for an innovative container monitoring solution.

The teams were assisted in the 48-hour race by 14 mentors from Vilnius, Klaipeda University, Vilnius Tech, Center for Physical and Technological Sciences and other institutions, experts from Poland, Sweden, Blue Science Park, Blekinge University of Technology. Participants were also advised by representatives of business organizations – “Schneider Electric”, “Omega Technology”.

Mentors wishing to join this year's “Portathon” can also register here.

“Portathon 2021” Hackathon: a strong comeback with new partners

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