Port of Hamburg Marketing provides information on the effects of the coronavirus

03.26.2020 15:00 Economy

The coronavirus has become a dominant global concern. A challenging situation to which everyone must adapt. The Port of Hamburg as well as its key market regions and inland supply chains are also affected by COVID-19. Port of Hamburg Marketing (HHM) collects all relevant news in cooperation with its worldwide representative offices, members and partners to keep port customers and the public up-to-date.

Concentrated information from the market regions, member companies and partners can be found on our website: https://www.hafen-hamburg.de/en/corona. The website is already being used by more than 5,000 users with 15,000 clicks a day - and the numbers are growing.

HHM also updates its followers regularly on social media. On the business platform LinkedIn, news about individual markets, the situation in the port and other relevant topics are shared. Other platforms used by the HHM Social Media Team are Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. Most recently, for example, the #Hafenhelden (portheroes) campaign was launched, which focuses on the people keeping the Port of Hamburg intact in these difficult times.

In the Port of Hamburg app launched last year, users have the opportunity to keep up-to-date using push-notifications. All news and updates about the port are uploaded here. In addition, HHM publications, including the Port of Hamburg Magazine, or HPA publications can be accessed via smartphone.

Port of Hamburg Marketing provides information on the effects of the coronavirus

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