Port Bronka offers bonus to green and ultra-green vessels

13 Dec 2021 09:32 Shipping News

From January 2022, Port Bronka, St.Petersburg, provides a 10 percent discount for mooring and quay operations for vessels with energy efficient propulsion.
LNG fueled engines significantly reduce emissions of carbon dioxide, nitrogen oxides and almost completely eliminate emissions of carbon black and sulfur oxides. Another example of energy efficient propulsion is hybrid electric technology. Lithium-ion battery systems allows zero-emission port visits and modern two-stroke engines, emission abatement systems, solar panels and innovative air lubrication systems cut emissions further.
Energy efficient propulsion is particularly relevant for shipping companies operating in the Baltic and North Seas and other areas that are the part of designated Emission Control Areas under IMO and MARPOL environmental regulations.
Port Bronka operator Fenix LLC is committed to promote a more sustainable future together with its clients.

Port Bronka welcomes green and ultra-green vessels

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