Partial Opening of new Rethebrücke bascule bridge: Traffic crosses Rethe in both directions again

11 Jul 2016 15:45 Economy

As of today, traffic once again moves in both directions across the new Rethebrücke bascule bridge, which will considerably ease the impact on traffic in the port. With the opening of the street on the new Rethebrücke, one of the most significant infrastructure projects has reached an important milestone. Since the Hamburg Port Authority (HPA) strives to relieve the traffic situation in this area, it was decided to already open the new bridge for traffic during the test phase.
After the opening, the new Rethebrücke bascule bridge will fulfil its important function as a main road connection to and from the South towards the Autobahn 1 and as the second crossing of the Southern Elbe towards the Autobahn 7 for approximately 7,000 vehicles daily. It also serves as a fully functional alternative for the Köhlbrand Bridge.
The remaining construction work on the second part of the bascule bridge for the new rail crossing will be finished in the coming months. Following the overall completion, the Rethebrücke bascule bridge will replace the lift bridge from 1934, allowing rail and road traffic to cross the Rethe at the same time on a double flap each without any mutual interference. Until now, the street had to be closed up to 40 times a day to allow trains to cross the bridge.
Both landside traffic and shipping will benefit from the dismantling of the old lift bridge as the width of the fairway will be 64 metres now instead of 44 metres as before.

Seit dem 11. Juli 2016 rollt der Straßenverkehr beidseitig über die neue Retheklappbrücke.

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