Overseas traffic Austria-Hamburg: stable situation in October 2020

10.28.2020 00:00 Economy

Despite the current corona virus related situation and the new restrictions in Austria, which are primarily related to limited social contacts, traffic between Hamburg and Austria remains resilient. In March and April, imports from Far East were declining, but worldwide exports from Austria remained strong. The following months however, an alteration occured: The flow of goods became increasingly volatile. Import and export thus, became difficult to plan. A survey conducted by the Port of Hamburg Marketing Representative Office in Vienna showed that stakeholders in the Austrian sea freight market expect volumes to decline by about 15 percent in the first half of 2020, compared with the same period last year.

The maritime industry in Austria has adapted well to the new situation and the associated challenges. Some of the employees have been working at home since March. All Austrian CT terminals were open uninterruptedly and the container operators and freight forwarders are still in full operation. Hamburg has been the most important port for the Austrian economy in the container segment for decades due to its high-ranking rail network, the large number of block train connections and direct ocean vessel connections worldwide. In recent months, the Vienna Representative Office has increasingly used social media to stay in touch with customers and members. "Customers have responded very positively to our new concepts," says Alexander Till, Head of the Vienna Representative Office.

Overseas traffic Austria-Hamburg: stable situation in October 2020

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