Newbuilding “CHIPOLBROK PACIFIC” in service

12 Jan 2016 13:32 Shipping News

With the delivery of MV "Chipolbrok Pacific" on December 8, 2015 at Shanghai is not only the first of a new series of four general cargo vessel’s put into service, but the shipping company setting new standards in the renewal of their fleet. It is the goal of the older tonnage in the tooths "Szymanowski" type to replace gradually. Those are seven triple deckers and reliable workhorses that had been built in the years 1991 to 1998 at the shipyard “3rd May in Croatia”.

As detachment significantly larger vessels of older design was carried out in 2003/2004 and 2009 to 2011 a new building program consisting of a series of four resp. six ships of the latest design, which surpassed in size, capacity, speed and cranage all previously operated by the shipping company’s tonnage. This series of so-called "Orkan-type" of ten heavy lifters being craned 2 x 340ts (640ts in tandem) and 2 x 50ts, has adjustable tween decks (pontoons), a load capacity of approx 30.000tdw, bale space of approx 40.000cbm and 2.000sqm deck space. Eleven hatches with a length of max. 31,60m and 10,50m width provide access to eight cargo holds. With a length of 200m, a width of 27,80m, a draft of 11m and a maximum speed of 19,2Kn this series exceeded all hitherto in the fleet Chipolbrok ever employed.

By "Chipolbrok Pacific" and her sister ships in 2016 following "Nowowiejski", "Paderewski" and "Chipolbrok Atlantic" a new chapter will be added in the fleet renewal program. The cranage was increased to 3 x 350ts (700ts in tandem). At the same time the load capacity grew to about 31.600tdw, while the length is reduced to 189,90m and the width with 28m remains almost the same. By passing five hatches with max. 50,56m length and width 11,25m three spacy cargo holds can be operated. This new generation of heavy strengthened general cargo vessel’s is powered by economical and environmentally friendly engines with Wärtsilä 16.500hp being designed for a speed of 15,7Kn at a draft of 10,50m. Another surplus is a full flat integrated weather deck of abt. 2.795 sqm without any
obstacles like crane houses, forecastle deck etc. good for cargo up to 135m length like being required for off-shore wind blades, flare towers and any other extra long units.

The "Chipolbrok Pacific" currently loads project cargo in the Chinese ports Shanghai, Changshu and Korean port Kwangyang and sails on its maiden voyage through the Suez Canal to Europe to discharge part of its cargo in Zeebrugge, visit the Polish port of Szczecin and other loading ports on the continent. From there, the newbuilding returns in February on the traditional route of the shipping line to Southeast Asia and the Far East. On the first call in the port of Hamburg therefore must already be happy.

By ordering this series of four new heavy lifters it was again the best practice of the shipping company to demonstrate good judgment; because less the expansion of existing activities or fleet growth were in the focus, but primarily a fleet renewal and adaptation to changing cargo structures. In addition, the tonnage overhang in the global heavy lift fleet is counteracted by replacing old with new ships. With these new ships Chipolbrok remains true to their motto: BETTER SHIPS - BETTER SERVICE - BETTER OPPORTUNITIES

The representation of Chinese-Polish Joint Stock Shipping Co. (Chipolbrok) Shanghai / Gdynia rests in Germany with the general agency Ernst Glässel GmbH & Co. KG, Hamburg and Bremen and Hamburg port agents Reinhold Bange (GmbH & Co.).


Newbuilding “CHIPOLBROK PACIFIC” in service

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