New Port of Hamburg website goes online

05 May 2015 13:23 Economy

At the transport logistic trade fair in Munich, Port of Hamburg Marketing (HHM) today presented the new Internet website for the Port of Hamburg. Germany's largest seaport is now sporting state-of-the-art design and intuitive navigation for visitors. On the joint 'Gateway Hamburg' stand, the HHM managing directors Axel Mattern and Ingo Egloff showed the newly designed website to Frank Horch, Hamburg Senator for Economics, Transport and Innovation. The new site with its contemporary design and user-friendliness, makes its contribution towards showing the world the Port of Hamburg as an innovative universal port. Axel Mattern is pleased to see the intelligent offerings on supporting the development of the port into a digital, efficient smartPORT.

Following the principle, one source for all, the previously independent portals and have been integrated and now present customers with the variety of the maritime economy in Hamburg and the metropolitan region under one domain. The relaunch has completely redesigned and restructured the pages. The new navigation is especially designed to meet the needs of the wide variety of users. The classic menu bar leads to the editorial content while the underlying icon menu bar provides a fast way into popular databases such as 'Ships' and 'Liner Services'. The sector guide PORTLog can be found under 'Port Contacts'. With the integration of address directories from and PORTlog the list of companies has grown to over 700 in more than 40 categories.

Road traffic status in the port online

In cooperation with the Hamburg Port Authority, the transport authorities and the Hamburg Ministry of Economics, Transport and Innovation, the newly developed port plan reports on road traffic status in the Port of Hamburg. In addition to planned road works, the users can access traffic webcams and current traffic alerts. Any user interested can find more webcams in the handling points in the empty container yards. Information on terminals, depots and warehousing as well as other points of interest is also shown.

Ship movements in real time

On the port plan ship movements can be seen in real time. The system covers over 25,000 ships giving course, speed and background information from the German Bight to the Port of Hamburg. Visitors can get extra information on ships sailing in a liner service, such as the liner service itself and the port rotation. This is linked to the very popular 'Liner Services Database' so that with very few clicks the liner service agents, who serve these routes, can be seen.

Interactive port statistics

The representation of port statistics has also been revised technically and optically to integrate interactive display options. For example, time series can be be sorted by year or by imports and exports.

The top 250 container ports worldwide can be compared and are linked with the Liner Services Database, where more information on the port is available.

Intermodal database for Port customers

Rail, inland-waterway vessels and truck services are also listed in the intermodal database. Service providers can enter their regular connections to and from Hamburg and the metropolitan region in the database, where they are in turn linked with PORTLog so that the customers can contact each provider quickly. Further information on inland terminals complete the offering.

Experience the port

The Internet site shows interested visitors maritime highlights in the Port of Hamburg, historical ships, and viewpoints as well as offering port tours.

At present we are working on a version of for smart phones and tablets. This will make access to the popular portal easier and available everywhere. 

Hafen Hamburg Internet Relaunch