New Logistics Park creates 2,000 new jobs

30 Jun 2015 09:09 Economy

A new logistics park is emerging directly beside the Port of Gothenburg. One million square metres in size, the park is expected to generate more than 2,000 jobs.

There has for a long time been a shortage of land for logistics and distribution close to the Port of Gothenburg. To address this need, a one million square metre park is the process of being created – the Port of Gothenburg Logistics Park. Half of the area, 500,000 square metres, will be transformed into storage and logistics properties over the next few years.

"This is an enormous investment and a golden opportunity for every company looking to establish a warehouse directly beside the largest port in Scandinavia," said Magnus Kårestedt, Port of Gothenburg Chief Executive.

The new logistics park will have five companies as property owners – the Gothenburg Port Authority, NCC, Prologis, Eklandia and Bockasjö. The park is located directly adjacent to the port's freight terminals on Hisingen in Gothenburg.

"Regardless of where in the park a company establishes its operations it will never be more than 10 minutes away from the quayside, making it an ideal location for import companies requiring rapid, cost-effective transport from port to warehouse," Magnus Kårestedt continued.

DB Schenker and the tyre importer Amring are two examples of companies that have already moved into the area. The whole park will be completed by around 2025.

2,000 new jobs 
More than 2,000 jobs will be created at the new logistics park, mainly in the warehouse although there will also be openings for administrative staff. 

"Logistics is a prime business sector for Gothenburg and it creates large numbers of jobs in our region. The Port of Gothenburg Logistics Park will reinforce our position as the logistics capital of Sweden," said Magnus Kårestedt. 

Property owners at the Port of Gothenburg Logistics Park

Bockasjö offers 311,000 square metres of land in the new logistics park. There is scope in the area to construct five large buildings with 160,000 square metres of floor space. Groundwork will commence in autumn 2015. The contact person is Joakim Hedin, +46 (0)705-21 53 00,

Prologis Nordic
Construction of Prologis's area of the park is due to commence in autumn 2015. Three buildings housing up to seven tenants are planned. In total, Prologis has 130,000 square metres of floor space at its disposal. The first phase will be completed in summer 2016. The contact person is Allan Lavén, +46 (0)31-335 48 12,

NCC Property Development AB
NCC's section of the park is located directly beside the entrance to the port and covers 220,000 square metres. NCC is planning three energy-efficient logistics buildings, ranging from 3,000 square metres to 30,000 square metres. Each building can house one or more tenants. The contact person is Maria Björsander, +46 (0)70-270 24 97,

Eklandia Fastighets AB
Eklandia has 127,000 square metres of land area in the park. Some 60 per cent of this space can be developed and construction is scheduled to commence during the first quarter of 2016. The first tenants are expected to move in at the turn of the year 2016/2017. The contact person is Stefan Vilhelmsson, +46 (0)31-744 09 39,

Gothenburg Port Authority 
The Gothenburg Port Authority has a total of 440,000 square metres of land in the park – 20,000 square metres are already available and 420,000 square metres can be developed commencing in 2017. In the port's section of the park a high-rack warehouse can be constructed with a ceiling height of up to 35 metres. Part of the area will also be linked to the rail system. The contact person is Hans Simonson, +46 (0)31 368 75 50,

Fact file: Port of Gothenburg 
The Port of Gothenburg is the largest port in the Nordic region. 30 per cent of Swedish foreign trade passes through the Port of Gothenburg as well as 60 per cent of all container traffic.

The Port of Gothenburg is the only port in Sweden with the capacity to receive the world's largest container vessels and has the broadest range of shipping routes within and outside Europe. The 25 rail shuttles that depart each day mean that companies throughout Sweden and Norway have a direct, environmentally smart link to the largest port in the Nordic region. The Port of Gothenburg has terminals for oil, cars, ro-ro, containers and passengers.

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