New HamburgAmbassadors appointed in Ukraine and Canada

07 Oct 2019 12:27 Personnel matters

Port experts Svitlana Iarova in Odessa and Wolfgang Schoch in Montreal join network

Two experts on ports have joined the HamburgAmbassadors network namely Svitlana Iarova in Ukraine and Wolfgang Schoch in Canada with immediate effect. Iarova has spent many years working for HHLA in Odessa and was appointed Vice President of Public and Political Affairs at HHLA’s “Container Terminal Odessa” in 2017. The branch is the largest in the Black Sea. Schoch has been Managing Director of Hapag-Lloyd Canada since 2013 and previously worked for the company in Sao Paulo, Singapore and Genoa.

Global promoters of Hamburg

Dr. Rolf Strittmatter, CEO of Hamburg Marketing, commented: “I am delighted to gain Svitlana Iarova and Wolfgang Schoch as two Hamburg envoys with excellent international links as HamburgAmbassadors. Montreal is of great interest to Hamburg especially in aviation as our locations have co-operated with each other since 2008. Canada has also become a dynamic maritime location.” Around 400 Hamburg companies have business links with Canada and 80 companies have a branch there.

Business links with Port of Odessa

Around 250 Hanseatic companies in logistics, trade as well as IT and agriculture have business links with Ukraine while 50 have branches there. “Hamburg and the Ukraine maintain diverse relationships in the cultural and economic fields. In commercial terms, the Port of Odessa plays an important role, and its key geographical location about 300 kilometres northwest of the Crimea has made it increasingly important in recent years,” said Strittmatter.

Honorary HamburgAmbassadors

The honorary appointments in Canada and the Ukraine are reoccupations as part of the global HamburgAmbassadors network. The Mayor of Hamburg appoints the 38 HamburgAmbassadors from 26 countries. The Senate Chancellery, the Chamber of Commerce and institutions involved in Hamburg Marketing launched the HamburgAmbassador programme, which is co-ordinated by Hamburg Marketing and unique in Germany in its structure. The HamburgAmbassadors promote the political sphere as well entrepreneurs, scientists and culture abroad and aim to position Hamburg on the international stage.


New HamburgAmbassadors appointed in Ukraine and Canada

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