MS&D: Strategies for Maritime Security

30 Jun 2016 11:34 Economy

The responsibilities of navies and coast guards are becoming more complex and demanding. At MS&D, the International Conference on Maritime Security and Defence held in conjunction with SMM, high-ranking experts will discuss current trends and future challenges. 

Protecting peace, fighting piracy and drug trafficking, guiding merchant vessels safely to their destinations: The range of responsibilities for navies and coast guards has changed significantly. At MS&D, the International Conference on Maritime Security and Defence to be held on 7 September, the opportunities and risks resulting from recent developments will be discussed under the heading of “Naval Technology for Naval Operations". The conference is part of the leading global maritime trade fair SMM, which will take place from 6 to 9 September 2016 in Hamburg. 
"With forward-looking topics, highly distinguished speakers, and compelling discussions, MS&D will address an enormous range of subjects. Conference participants will be able to see clearly where the market is headed," says Bernd Aufderheide, President and CEO of Hamburg Messe und Congress GmbH. The list of speakers includes high-ranking naval officers from around the world as well as industry representatives. The conference will be subdivided into a plenary session and two panel discussions titled “Naval Operations" and "Naval Technology". The conference is sponsored by the highly respected maritime security and defence magazine NAVAL FORCES, The International Forum for Maritime Power. To take advantage of the early reservation discount, order your tickets for the MS&D now at and pay only EUR 350.00.
Complex security situation
A keynote speech by the German Navy leadership will give an overview of the global maritime security situation and its repercussions for the mandates of naval forces, one of which is rescuing refugees and fighting human trafficking in the Mediterranean. In the following speech, Bob Nugent, Vice President of AMI International, will examine future prospects for the naval equipment market. Offshore patrol vessels will play a key role because they are increasingly viewed by coastal nations as a flexible and low-cost alternative to the deployment of combat vessels to monitor and protect coastal economic zones.
The ensuing panel discussions will focus on the core topics of naval operations, piracy, drug trafficking, cybercrime as well as planning and designing naval ships. The discussion will also touch on the formation of regional naval networks to confront asymmetric threats such as piracy and terrorism. The success of such cooperative arrangements is contingent upon a clear understanding of each others’ security architecture. Several participating delegations will introduce themselves during MS&D, including the US Navy and the Navy of Columbia.
The continuing threat of piracy

Piracy continues to be one of the greatest threats for commercial shipping. While the situation off Somalia has relaxed somewhat thanks to the massive deployment of naval forces and substantial shipowner investments in security personnel and equipment, the threat of piracy is still very high in the Gulf of Guinea, the waters along the East African coast, the Arabian Sea, and the Southeast Asian straits. In his speech, Michael Howlett, Deputy Director of the International Maritime Bureau ICC-Commercial Crime Services, will present an overview of the statistical development of attacks by armed groups, and suggest possible solutions.
Fending off cybercrime: Navies need special protection
Naval vessels are masterpieces of high-tech engineering and digitalisation. But advanced technology also makes them more vulnerable to cyber attacks. Dietmar Hilke, Director – Cyber Security at Thales Germany, will explore in his lecture how naval units in particular can defend themselves against the threat of cyber crime.
Frigates, corvettes, patrol boats and other ship types must have complex operational capabilities to perform their specialised tasks. This has a major impact on their design, construction and use. Two speeches at the conference will give a detailed account of these particularities. The former commander of the NATO-accredited Mine Warfare Centre of Excellence, Nico Vasseur, will deliver a report about the progressing complexity of seamines and the resulting necessity to continuously adapt mine sweeping tactics and technologies.
The Marine pollution prevention rules as laid down in the International Convention for the Prevention of Pollution from Ships (MARPOL) are not compulsory for naval vessels. Nevertheless, an increasing number of navies are taking steps to implement these rules,  as far as their respective missions permit. The conference will address several of these aspects.
In parallel with the conference, numerous shipyards, suppliers, and service providers from the maritime security segment – including key players such as Lürssen, Abeking & Rasmussen, ThyssenKrupp Marine Systems and German Naval Yards – will be showcasing innovative solutions. To account for the particular importance of this topic, an additional exhibition hall (Hall B8) has been set up and will be entirely dedicated to risk mitigation.
For the first time at SMM, a so-called Security Route will guide the invited high-level international military delegations and other interested visitors to specific exhibitors who plan and/or build build both, civilian and military ships, or manufacture specific components for naval vessels. The Security Route will not only focus on purely military applications but also address crew protection, anti-piracy measures, defence against cyber crime, and port security. For further information please visit:
About MS&D
The International Conference on Maritime Security and Defence (MS&D) presents a multitude of collaboration opportunities for civilian and military organisations. Key topics on this year's agenda include the security of international sea routes and the maritime infrastructure, the deployment of naval forces in international crisis areas, digital security and cyber crime, and new naval and green technology trends. For further Information please visit:
About SMM
The leading international maritime trade fair takes place in Hamburg every two years. More than 2.100 exhibitors and over 50,000 visitors are expected to attend the trade fair in the famous port city from 6 to 9 September 2016. SMM covers all segments of the maritime value chain, bringing together decision-makers from around the world and highlighting innovative technology. Please see:

MS&D: Strategies for Maritime Security

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