Metrans establishes three connections to AFLUENT terminal Arad per week

20 Dec 2021 12:31 Hinterland

The AFLUENT Terminal Arad is now a fully integrated terminal in the METRANS system. It is directly connected to the METRANS HUB terminal Budapest Csepel. This means that the company offers all of its services also close to the Romanian town of Arad. These include an empty container depot and delivery or collection of containers by truck in Romania.

"With the new connection, there are also opportunities for the Port of Hamburg to gain new volumes. There are already many inquiries," says Krisztina Kovács, Head of the Port of Hamburg Marketing Representative Office in Budapest.

The connection will ensure the transport of sea containers not only between Romania and the ports of Hamburg, Bremerhaven, Rotterdam and Koper, but also with all destinations within the METRANS distribution network in countries such as Germany, Austria, the Czech Republic, Poland, Slovakia, Hungary and others.

Metrans establishes three connections to AFLUENT terminal Ara

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