Leonhardt & Blumberg and Buss Shipping merge ship management activities

12 Apr 2017 17:02 Shipping News

The Hamburg based Leonhardt & Blumberg Reederei GmbH & Co. KG and Buss Shipping GmbH & Co. KG are pleased to announce that they have agreed to merge their ship management activities.

The joint managed fleet will consist of 55 ships with a focus on the container feeder segment and an average ship age of 8 years. The management board of the new venture will consist of Christian Rychly, Torben Kölln and Mathias Gaethje.

It is the objective of the partners to achieve greater synergies by the integration of the two firms. The new joint venture will be called Leonhardt & Blumberg Shipmanagement GmbH Co. KG.

Until the completion of the merger Leonhardt & Blumberg Reederei and Buss Shipping will continue to operate as separate entities.
About Leonhardt & Blumberg
Leonhardt & Blumberg is the largest independent charter owner of handysize containerships. Since 1903 Leonhardt & Blumberg has managed more than 180 vessels, which were in the past mostly general cargo vessels and bulk carriers. Today L&B operates containerships ranging from about 1,500 TEU to 3,600 TEU capacity. A long track record of safety, reliability and environmental responsibility has helped L&B forge lasting relationships with many of the leading shipping liner companies. With a staff of over 1000 employees, Leonhardt & Blumberg follows a conservative and disciplined approach to fleet growth, while a strong set of values governs the integrity of the everyday decisions.

About Buss Shipping
Buss Shipping was founded 2009 to expand Buss Groups business areas to ship owning and ship management. From its inception, the company was recognized as being young, dynamic and open minded to new challenges in today´s shipping world. Next to reliable and sustainable daily operations, Buss Shipping concentrated constantly to improve the green footprint of its fleet. The company got delivered the first so called Eco-1.700 TEU Feeders ex Wenchong Shipyard in 2012, converted the bulbous bows of their 2.800 TEU ships in 2015 to reduce consumption and installed Scrubbers to two 1.000 TEU-vessel in 2016. Today the fleet consists of 17 vessels in the water and two newbuildings to be delivered later 2017.


Leonhardt & Blumberg and Buss Shipping merge ship management activities

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